A quick summary of the most important games of all time

. Blackjack

Classic timeless card adventure. Experts believe that it was originally built around the 16th century because Cervantes mentioned it in one of his book quests in 1601. In the game against the card dealer your goal is to be closer to 21, try not to cross 21 and pray the dealer didn't get an ace because it would be a problem for you.

. Slots

A perfect demonstration of how technology has retained the classic game and even moved it to the next level. Since their invention in 1887 by Charles August Fey, slot machines have grown to thousands of different titles!

Software companies are now overtaking themselves to gain the attention of the huge audience of players who want more and more every year. Be sure to try progressive jackpots and feel the thrill of having a constant chance to become a millionaire for every spin!

. Roulette

Perfectly synonymous with elegance and wealth, roulette has its name in French, even though its Chinese and Roman cultures have credited it. From Humphrey Bogart to Sean Connery, roulette has won our hearts with its numerous performances on the screen. Spin it up and kiss your luck when the bouncing ball lands on your number after jumping through the whole wheel!

. Video Poker
Video Poker

The history of this classic among the different types of casino games is breathtaking and worth exploring. Many cultures appropriate its authorship and origin, but in reality this game, in its present form, was created in the United States around the 18th century.

His most famous feature is a bluff, a strategy whose principle is to deceive your opponent to think you have strong cards and thus quit. Or you can deceive him to think he is going to win, while you have the best cards from all at the table. Can you lie well?

. Baccarat

No doubt this game is of French origin! Ian Fleming, our favorite film writer 007, has helped popularize this game by including it in his films. The whole thing is, you're trying to get as close as possible to 9, according to specific rules. Defeat the casino in any of these games!

. Craps

Probably one of the most challenging titles when it comes to mastering it, even though it consists only of throwing a few dice and having the good luck to predict the throw result. But the real challenge of this game is to understand the probability and build on it.

When it comes to playing for fake or real money, some types of casino games will survive all the technological enhancements that the following years will bring. We saw them in movies, read about them in books, and even in new TV series. Check out the most popular ones!